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Nixie Tube Clocks and the Nixie Wristwatch
Decades ago, Nixie Tubes were used as indicating devices in many types of instrumentation, and ultimately replaced by the cheaper  -unattractive-  LED display.
Having been obsolete for nearly a half century, these glowing bottles of ionized gases have attracted another generation that appreciate their simple beauty.

My approach to Nixie Clock design began at the packaging. All examples are influenced by mid-century industrial design.
GPS Satellite receivers are the primary timing reference source,  delivering the highest time keeping precision available.

Click here to view the IEEE Spectrum June '02 feature article on Nixie Clocks.    Great examples of custom nixie clocks.

Click here to view the IEEE Spectrum July '03 article "A Clockwork Orange" building the NixiSat clock as a kit of parts.

Click here to view the IEEE Spectrum October '04 "Tools & Toys" article, reviewing the NixiChron clock and others too.

The GPS FLW (Four Letter Word display)

The GIANT GPS Satellite controlled clock with FOUR Alphanumeric B7971 Nixie Tubes!

A collaborative effort with Peter Hand and Juergen Grau has brought you the long awaited GPS FLW

This is a very large Burroughs B7971 nixie tube display. It stands more than five inches tall, and ten inches wide.

Click Here for purchasing information, or additional details about the GPS FLW.

Click Here to download the GPS FLW document package as a zip file.

Have questions?  send me an email here

The Gallery of Nixie Tube Clocks

 I've built a few different clock models in the twelve years since I began this crusade. Including the world's first Nixie Wristwatch! 

Click on the name of the clock model below for additional information and images about them. Note: most are no longer for sale.

The Nixie Clock
Commemorative Clock
The NixiSat
Cylinder NixiSat

WWVB Clock
The Burl Clock
Nixie Tube Wristwatch
GPSII Cylinder Clock
The NixiChron

Atomic Nixie Tube Clock The GPSII Clock
Transparent Nixie Clock
CyClock - one tube NIMO clock

Nixie Tube Wristwatch  Redux 

It appears just about anyone who can swing a soldering iron has been marketing their nixie projects through an online auction site. 
Beware of any nixie clocks or other gizmos that are directly line voltage powered.  If it uses a low voltage wall adapter for power 
it would indicate the line is isolated for safety.  Always do some research before you buy someone's project. It could be total junk.
And they have all visited here, using these nixie clocks as the benchmark for menu structure, features, and enclosure design ideas.

Heath kit GC-1000 Most Accurate Clock
A Power Supply reliability upgrade procedure
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<>The Alien Nixie Clock Autopsy

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Christian's 48V Electric Go Kart

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Visit the online museum of Atwater Kent Breadboard radios.
I collect these dusty radio relics from the early 1920's!
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The J.C. Deagan MIDI Chimes Doorbell

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A Nixie Gone Bad?

The sad tale about an international scammer.

Jeff Thomas

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