The GPS FLW (The Four Letter Word display)

The GPS FLW is a collaborative effort by three talented nixie designers; Peter Hand, Juergen Grau, and myself.

The goal was to design a Four Letter Word display using the giant Burroughs B7971 Nixie Tubes.
Including GPS time precision in an attractive display instrument. Suitable for presentation anywhere.

The GPS FLW stands over five inches tall, and is ten inches wide.

The GPS FLW displays selected words from a list of over 3,200 real words taken from a dictionary, and include proper names in four
letter words displayed at random.  Abbreviations, acronyms (eg FDNY), and some common alternate spellings (eg SHOW and SHEW)
 along with a few foreign four letter words that are generally understood by English speakers such as FRAU.
There are no random or rule-generated “words” from two character pairings.  If enabled, an extensive list of very naughty words
may also be displayed in a varying frequency. Time of day may be enabled to appear in hr:min format at the top of each minute
 in 12hr or 24 hr mode. The GPS FLW utilizes GPS transmitted data from an optional remote GPS receiver to ensure the display
 always remains accurate to the minute.

A PIR (Passive Infra Red) detector feature was included in the design to activate the display in the presence of visitors.
The PIR feature requires some user supplied components to complete installation of the optional PIR detector feature.

Click Here to download the GPS FLW document package as a zip file.

Above is a brief YouTube movie of the GPS FLW in action.

Side View.

Back view.

Bottom View.

The completely assembled GPS FLW including tubes, enclosure, GPS and Power Supply is priced at $599.00

The individual components may be purchased separately. Some hobby builders prefer to design
their own enclosure, and already have four B7971 Nixie Tubes, with spare remote GPS receiver.

The GPS FLW circuit board (assembled)  $109

Laser Cut transparent acrylic enclosure kit    $40

Haicom HI-204III 20ch serial GPS receiver $60

12vdc 1amp Wall Power Adapter (america) $20

The Burroughs B7971 Alphanumeric nixie tubes have experienced considerable recent price inflation.
Our price for the complete GPS FLW is an amazing value just for the tubes themselves.

Warranty:  The assembled GPS FLW includes a guarantee for a period
 of one year against defects in the B7971 tubes, materials and workmanship.


GPS FLW shipping in the USA and it's territories is by USPS Priority mail shipping for $20.00.
International shipping is offered using USPS Express Mail insured for $45.00
I accept PayPal, or Visa and Mastercard by telephone.

Questions? please email. or call. Thank you.

Jeff Thomas

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